ACADEMIC: Read/watch all MLK speeches

ACADEMIC: Choose a graduate school

ACADEMIC: Handwritten thank you notes to my favorite professors by May 1

ACADEMIC: Write a letter to Cory Booker

ACADEMIC: Get P.A.G.E. up and running

ACADEMIC: Elect P.A.G.E. staff for next year

ACADEMIC: Practice being better at math

ACADEMIC: Finish Humanity in Action grant application

ACADEMIC: Celebrate graduation (party at home? Gathering at bar?)

CRAFT:  Make one amigurumi toy

CRAFT: Knit 6 sweaters

CRAFT: Make the long striped armwarmers

CRAFT: Make 10 items from my “Make This Make That” blog

CRAFT: Make one dress pattern from scratch

CRAFT: Go to studio and make 3 new screenprints

CRAFT: My Favorite Messages craft project

CRAFT: Finish sunflower crochet blanket

CRAFT: Make a necklace from the Annie’s logo for Helen

CRAFT: Knit a pair of socks (Jaywalker)

CRAFT: Practice the Norwegian purl

CRAFT: One trip to WEBS

FINANCES: Crush this debt a little; increase monthly payments by $50 each

FINANCES: Donate to a charity that supports education access/education rights

HEALTH: Buy prescription sunglasses

HEALTH:  Carry water bottle everywhere

HEALTH: Walk everywhere

HEALTH: Try Couch to 5K

HEALTH: Try 10 new recipes

HEALTH: Try Meatless Mondays

LIFE LIST: Record 10 favorite sounds

LIFE LIST: Memorize one Shakespearean soliloquy

LIFE LIST: Organize a night game of hide-n-seek

LIFE LIST: Take a letterpress class

LIFE LIST: Truly learn how to use my DSLR

LIFE LIST: Photograph 50 purple things

LIFE LIST: Send each friend a handwritten note

LIFE LIST: Stop buying bottled water

LIFE LIST: Learn the Negro National Anthem

LIFE LIST: Create a list of 100 must-read books

LIFE LIST: Sit in the conductor car of the N train as it rises from the tunnel into Queens

LOVE: Have a weekend getaway with Seth

LOVE: Take a vacation with Seth (sun, books, or sun and books)

LOVE: Spend a night at the Mill Street Inn

LOVE: Give Seth a really thoughtful birthday gift

ORGANIZING: Get rid of 40% of stuff and repack everything that’s left for storage

ORGANIZING: Move photos from Flickr to blog

ORGANIZING: Scan all of the pictures I stole from Grandma’s house; return

ORGANIZING: Monthly Uberlist updates on the blog

ORGANIZING: Get tire fixed on 3-speed bike

ORGANIZING: Sell/pass on my GRE books

ORGANIZING: Clean out my Read It file by January 15

ORGANIZING: Label all of the photo folders/photos on external hard drive

READ:  Half the Sky

READ: Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes

READ: Autobiography of Mark Twain

READ: Just Kids

READ: I Love You and I’m Leaving You Anyway

READ: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

READ: The Ask

RESTRUCTURING: Buy iPhone battery back-up

RESTRUCTURING: Eliminate soda entirely

RESTRUCTURING: Cut back on sugar

RESTRUCTURING: Time management!

RESTRUCTURING: Learn how to go to sleep LIKE AN ADULT

RESTRUCTURING: Stop dressing like a teenage boy

a. Find true body shape

b. Buy structural underwear (corset, new bras)

c. Figure out what flatters my shape

d. Buy/make classic items: wrap dress

e. Buy/make classic items: flat-soled boots

f. Buy/make classic items: cocktail/party dress

h. Buy/make classic items: daytime dress

TRAVEL: Leave the country (vacation or school or permanent)

TRAVEL: See friends in NYC at least twice before August

TRY: Record 10 stories, post to blog

TRY: Take a self-defense course

TRY: Internet moratorium on reading things/people I don’t like

TRY: 30-Day Shred

TRY: Start a “What Did You Make Today” calendar

TRY: Finish a crossword without looking at the answers

TRY: Get through graduation without crying

TRY: Challenge someone to a game of HORSE

TRY: Bake a loaf of bread

TRY: Figure out a workable hair routine

TRY: To make my own sea salt caramels

TRY: Taking more pictures when I hang out with friends

WHIMSY: Print 100 photos

WHIMSY: Learn 5 phrases in sign language

WHIMSY: Film one “A Day in the Life” video

WHIMSY: Get a massage

WHIMSY: Transfer some slides to digital

WHIMSY: The Cookbook Project for Marianne’s birthday

WHIMSY: Throw a big party

WHIMSY: How many reps can I do on a speedbag? 

WHIMSY: Get a pedicure

WHIMSY: Record and post 10 videos to website

WHIMSY: Discover 10 new bands

WHIMSY: Finish main page on website

WHIMSY: Spend a day with Alexis

WHIMSY: Invite friends over to bake cookies

WHIMSY: Dance in a pit at a concert

WHIMSY: Buy those goddamn boots you’ve been eyeing for two years

WHIMSY: Spend a day in bed with a good book and a stack of magazines

WHIMSY: Finally watch “Breaking Bad”

WHIMSY: Mail Alexis’ birthday present before January 10

WRITING: Ask Sarah J. about reading at the MOTH

WRITING: Send letters to Sophie in Switzerland

WRITING: Write for 1-hour a day, 5 days a week

WRITING: Get an agent

WRITING: Write a spec script

WRITING: Submit a piece to a place that scares you