Danielle Henderson writes about film, television, and pop culture for The New York Times, Vulture, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, and other publications, where she sort of can't help writing about race, gender, and class. She is a former editor and current staff writer for Rookie, and a book based on her popular website, Feminist Ryan Goslingwas released by Running Press in August 2012. 

Danielle grew up in Warwick NY, a town ensconced in beautiful fall foliage, rolling farms, festivals dedicated to fruit, and mild class warfare and explicit racism that was never openly discussed or acknowledged. She was absolutely shaped by these factors, as well as the town's blessedly close proximity to Manhattan, the city where she came of age. Instead of doing drugs or drinking, Danielle taught herself how to read a bus schedule and skipped many days of school in an effort to mitigate her desire to live in a more temperate place with the reality that she would be stuck in Warwick for quite some time. As a result, she has sat through more live tapings of The Late Show with Conan O'Brien than any earth science or chemistry class, a retrospectively wise choice.

In the past 20 years she has parked her full, wild life in Alaska, California, New York City, Boston, England, and Rhode Island. She once drove from New York to Alaska by herself, and has survived an abusive family structure, a childhood on welfare, a bear chase, the fall of the World Trade Center while working in Manhattan for the United Nations, four Alaskan winters, junior high school, working in a convent, Aquanet hairspray, acid wash jeans, and the entirety of the Mets' 1987 season. Elle parle un peu de français, but mostly ordering food and the type of colloquial cursing you would use on the Metro, like hoping your dick falls off or a vulture eats your eyes.

She is very tall, and often forgets that she has freckles; strangers take every opportunity to remind her of both.

Danielle believes in the motivating power of jerks, and updates her list of enemies annually on New Year's Day. She limits it to five people, and you are probably not on it.

Her hair looks like that on purpose. Please don't ask if you can touch it—the answer is always no.

Danielle likes to make things with her bare hands

She talked to her friend Julie Klausner about all of this on an episode of How Was Your Week? 

Danielle went back to college in 2008 after a 12 year hiatus, and graduated summa cum laude in 2011, earning degrees in both English Literature and Women's Studies; in 2013, she earned her Master's degree in Gender and Women's Studies. Her academic work examined critical race theory in communication and media. Danielle dropped out her Ph.D. program after one semester, no longer able to withstand constantly being asked to use the word axiological which, despite having a dictionary definition, doesn't actually mean anything. She likes to watch Doctor Who when she is on deadline, the only thing she wants to do before she dies is perfect the one-inch punch, and she will never stop using the Oxford comma. 

Danielle is 37-years old and lives in Seattle.